Thank you for your interest in Magic Girl! Magic Girl is a vertical shooter that puts you in the role of a young girl fighting to save her entire planet from certain doom.

It is a harsh reality for Ling Ling, whose heart is filled with sorrow over the suffering of her people. But there is no time for tears, as she must rush to avenge the fallen. Only with your careful guidance will she be able to prevail over the enemy and restore her planet to a semblance of its former peace and prosperity.

Magic Girl was developed by Gamtec in Taiwan. In addition to translating the game into English, we at Super Fighter Team have also fixed a few bugs that plagued the Chinese original.

We have done our best to ensure that everything about the product is of the highest presentation and production quality. All of our products are manufactured brand new by our factory. Our goal is to recreate the authentic Genesis / Mega Drive gaming experience that you have come to love. We’re sure our results will surprise and excite you.

Here’s what you’ll be getting when you order:

  • Game cartridge with authentic plastic shell
  • Full color instruction manual
  • Full color cardstock box

Once your payment has been received, a confirmation e-mail will be sent out to you. All confirmation e-mails are sent manually, so you can be certain that your payment has been received, reviewed and added to our order history. Your order will then be shipped as soon as possible, in the order in which it was received. Once shipped, you will receive a shipping confirmation e-mail.

Magic Girl is currently in stock and available for immediate shipping.