Since ancient times, the people of the Planet Alah have passed down stories of god-like creatures with outrageous powers and abilities. These tales have served as forms of entertainment, presented lessons to the children and helped preserve the old ways of the culture. Each and every citizen of Alah is familiar with the fairy tales, which have become more like a religion than simple lore.

Some people find themselves so inspired by the descriptions and deeds of the valiant “super beings” presented in these fables, that they push themselves to the ultimate limit, hoping to acquire mystical powers of their own. Ling Ling, a bright and precocious child, excels in her study of witchcraft, a skill passed down from her grandmother. In particular, her affinity with spell casting has surpassed even that of her beloved instructor.

Little did anyone know that one day that prowess would be put to the ultimate test…

One day, a great earthquake shook the planet. Soon after, lightning began to rain from the sky in all directions. The people, stunned by the mysterious disasters, could have never in their wildest dreams imagined the source of such unparalleled destruction.

For suddenly in the sky appeared remarkable beings matching the very descriptions of those in the ancient stories!! Though unlike in the fables, these creatures were just the opposite of benevolent: there was naught but evil in their eyes, and when they began to attack the people, their methods were absolutely merciless.

“We have angered the gods!” lamented the faithful, while the skeptics cried, “Everything we’ve been told is a lie!”

Whatever the reason for their actions, the cruel invaders were relentless in their assault, laying waste to everything in sight both natural and manmade, and slaying anyone and everyone they encountered. Ling Ling’s small village was quickly and easily overcome before anyone, including her maternal grandmother, could escape.

Only because she had been exploring the neighboring forest at the time of the attack, Ling Ling was the sole survivor of the chaos. Once a joyous child, her heart filled with bitter hatred and a burning need for revenge.

Now she stands alone against the entire fleet of otherworldy monsters. Will her power and ability be enough to overcome the very beings that inspired her to study the dark arts in the first place?