Let’s have a look at our heroine, and the devious boss monsters she’s pledged to defeat.

Ling Ling the little witch

This precocious young lady witnessed her entire village being reduced to ash by foreign invaders. After a brief period of mourning she has taken to the skies for revenge.Never has she felt so much anger. The creatures that took away her family and friends have driven her to a frenzy, fueled by the need for vengeance. If it takes everything she has to stop them, she’ll give that and more!While Ling Ling may be small in size — especially in comparison to her enemies — her magic packs a powerful punch! This, combined with her impressive agility and endurance, makes the little witch a worthy guardian of her planet.

…but she’s still going to need YOUR help to blast through all of these big, bad bosses!

Shelldon Levee

Nervous and unsure of himself, Shelldon still hasn’t come out of his shell.
But that won’t stop him from trying to shoot you down, or singe you with his fiery breath!

This guy just likes to have a good time… killing you.
The spiked balls that float around him are just as big as you, and will do their best to seek you out and give you a real pain in the… neck!
Hirsute Eyesore

This confident elder delights in scorching people with the deadly raybeams he shoots from his third eye.
Worse yet, he never travels anywhere without two of his spiky little minions!
Spittler Crab

Oh, that’s just gross. This beastie lazily dribbles poison from its disgusting mouth, hoping to either melt its enemies or just disgust them.
It can also disconnect its massive pincers and send them flying straight toward a foe. Look out!

Now you’re in for a real fight. Zhurong can command lightning, zapping it from his fingertips on a whim.
As if that weren’t enough, he also possesses the ability to suck up asteroids and assorted chunks of space debris, then spit them out ferociously. Good luck!!