Below you can see the screenshots we have selected from various points in the game. The variety of images display the game’s various stages, enemies, weapons and bosses.

Title screen.
Alien invaders are… invading!!
The five-shotter weapon certainly tips the odds in Ling Ling’s favor.
A temporary shield helps keep the baddies at bay.
Look, it’s Popsie Fluff! Shoot him multiple times to collect a bonus capsule.
Stage 5! We’re nearly done here!
Shelldon prefers to keep to himself. He’s been burned in too many past relationships. Now he wants to burn YOU!
Holy space crabs, look at that constellation!
A wave of oddly giddy enemies closes in on our heroine.
Enemies beware… the ultimate attack!
Crab for dinner, anyone?
Can’t stop now! You’ve traveled so far!