In order to guide Ling Ling on her way to defeating the space minions ravaging her home planet, you must ensure she’s properly armed and dangerous. The following guide illustrates and explains the weapons and bonus items available to her throughout the game.

Standard weapons

Ultimate attack
Popsie Fluff

Three small energy bursts fly directly ahead. You start the game with it, and revert to it after losing a life.

The end all, be all of offensive attacks, this will blast every single enemy on the screen into oblivion. (The boss monsters don’t much care for it, either.) You start the game with only three of these, so be sure not to waste them.

BUT!! You can equip a different weapon, or collect a bonus capsule, by shooting Ling Ling’s goofy friend Popsie Fluff multiple times as he dances and sways in the wind. (Don’t worry, kids: good ol’ Popsie is just horsing around. He’ll be fine.)

Bonus capsules

Ultimate Attack
Magic Bubble

Have a heart, will you? Seriously, grab this the moment you see it. Hearts refill your entire life bar.

Looking to score? When you’re soaring through a hail of bullets there are much more important things to worry about. Still, who doesn’t like shiny objects?

Each time you collect one of these, you’ll gain an extra use of the Ultimate Attack.

Give the little witch a breather by encasing her in a protective dome. It will sustain several hits before being destroyed.

Blast Barrier
Wave Blaster

Unleash the power of three orbs which swirl around you defensively while simultaneously enhancing your firepower.

Shoot from just about every direction at once! Perfect for blind rage assaults on the enemy invaders. (Just watch your tushie.)

This little dandy gives the expression “ride the wave” an ominous new meaning!

Rare and magnificent. Once you experience this there’s no going back.

Special weapons

Wave Blaster

Defensive magic

Magic Bubble
Blast Barrier
Magic Bubble + Blast Barrier